Individually Tailored sessions

We have a professionally developed step by step process in which we explore the individual's financial and personal status, with the aim of providing a current state of financial health and to provide advice on how the individual may rectify or improve their financial health. This can be developed if required into a holistic financial and counselling programme in order to help the client reach an agreed state of stablisation financially and personally.


In our workshops we will work with a group of up to 10 individuals, where we provide presentations interspersed with group activities exploring a diverse set of financial situations. This is in order to advance their financial knowledge and to help them improve their financial health. It is our goal that people leaving these workshops will be able to engage in rudimentary financial plans to assist in achieving their financial goals, along with understanding the impact financial decisions can have on their future personal lifes.


Our seminars are designed with the target audience in mind to improve their financial knowledge and with the intent of encouraging them to seek more in depth assistance if they believe it is required. It is our aim to provide in broad strokes a knowledge of why financial health is essential and to encourage individuals to engage in the financial planning process. We will use these presentations to dispel myths about the Financial Process and to encourage people to engage with their own financial futures.



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